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We offers Professional Manual & Automatic Driving Lessons in SouthWales

New Drivers

We're committed to teaching new drivers to drive safely. If you have no experience - come and gain it with us.

Refreser Courses


Vehicle-specific instruction, refresher courses 

Experienced Drivers


We offer a wide range of services for experienced drivers.

Pricing Table

We understand the need to ensure that there is a fair balance between the cost of obtaining your licence and the quality of the final skills transferred to the learner driver.

Category A




10  hours driving


Category B




20  hours driving


Category C



30  hours driving


What Our Students Say about us


Dee was a brilliant driving instructor - he helped me build up my confidence whilst driving and always motivated me to be the best driver I could be. I definitely recommend Whizz driving School, especially for those who are nervous about driving.



I would highly recommend Dee to any learner drivers! He was so patient and determined to help me reach my driving goals. His lessons were structured and had clear objectives. With his help, I passed my test and feel a more confident and safe driver.



Highly Qualified Instructors

Sophie Willmore

Supervisor, Сertified in car instructor

Сertified in car instructor


Сertified in class instructor

Alana Hopley

Certified in car instructor